Welcome to one of the most beautiful holiday regions of Germany, dominated by the steepest vineyard of Europe, the Calmont. Here, the three picturesque villages Bremm, Ediger-Eller and Neef  offer you the best balance between adventure and relaxing.


The hard rocks of the vineyards of Calmont, Frauenberg and Elzhofberg have forced the river Mosel into a narrow oxbow and formed a landscape that is unique all along the river.

Holiday & Leisure

Our hosts have the best qualifications for that, and their offers vary from simple to luxurious lodgings, so you will spend the best time of your year in a true holiday paradise. Canoeing, tranquil ship tours, challenging trips by bicycle and anything more.

You can go hiking or cycling on many theme trails that will guide you along the river or through beautiful vineyards and forests. The absolute highlight is the Calmont Klettersteig, a path through the steepest vineyards in Europe.


The steep slopes with their mild climate are the perfect habitat for rare plants and animals such as box-tree, Calmontrose, Apollofalter (butterfly), Smaragdeidechse (smaragd lizard) and many kinds of birds. The Rote Weinbergspfirsisch (red peaches) is not only very visible in spring, when it dominates the landscape with its pink blossoms, but also the basis for many delicacies.

Wine & Culinary

Calmont, Frauenberg and Elzhofberg – these are the most famous vineyards of the Calmont Region. Here you can find the steepest slopes of Europe (up to 70°). Our winegrowers grow in this unique terroir the grapes for the famous and exquisite Riesling wines. The best among them are decorated with the seal of quality Calmont Logo. You can taste and buy these wines at the wingrowers’ places, bars and restaurants and of course in the typical Straußwirtschaften, temporary bars selling new home-grown wine, which are often signalled by a bunch of twigs hanging above the door.

The culinary specialties of our region are varied: jam, destillates and liquor of red peaches, game with Riesling and blackberries, Edigerer Halsfleisch (meat dishes), ice cream or pralines - you can enjoy these products in a gourmet restaurant as well as at the breakfast table at the top of the Calmont or at the benches of the river Mosel.

Culture & History


Travel through time, back to the Celts and Romans on the summits of the Calmont, the Neefer Eulenköpfchen and the Hochkessel of Ediger-Eller. Excavations were the impetus for the reconstruction of a Roman shrine. There are many remains of the early Christianisation in this region, chapels and hermitages or the ruin of the Stuben monastery, which you can find easily while walking. Magnificent manors and town houses, built with local stones or in half-timbered style of the different epochs, are still witnesses of power and wealth and many of them are used for exhibitions or concerts nowadays. Cultural highlights are the concerts offered by the Calmont Förderverein that take place in the Stuben monastery yearly on a weekend at the beginning of July.